Here comes the final result!

上周的department social(就是土木学院老师和学生的交流晚宴)后,每人受到封学术问卷调查。今日有了结果,风趣地professor 发了封邮件给大家,如下:
Hi again,
First, I would like to thank you for your contribution with more than 50 comments until now. I am just sending you this e-mail in order to let you know the results (I don’t mean about Obama…) of these days’ comments. I will point out the most important comments and if you have something to add just send me an e-mail or let any of the representatives know.
Negative Comments
· More examples-tutorials to Stability, Dynamics and Finite Elements.
· Solution in all tutorials-examples should be written step by step in order to be clearly understood.
· Past Paper with solutions should be given as soon as possible.
· Given more time for choose the options modules and better brief modules’ description.
· Better lecture-explanation to Dynamic, RC and Seismology.
· Given handouts for all classes and for everything shown via projector.
· Consider class’s different level backgrounds.
· Better understanding notes in RC.
· Reduce the number of student in the class.
· Extra tutorial class for ANSIS, solving example in front of students.
· Providing without paying extra money.
Positive Comments
· “Steel components” is the most organized and well teach module.
· Most of lecturers are helpful, considering class questions and problems.
As you saw above, there are more “bad” than “good” comments. So, I am going to discuss these with the department on Friday with the hope that they are going to consider our problems and solve them out as soon as possible. See you in the class!
P.S. Let me know if I didn’t mention any important comment you have written in the form.